Mr Sandblast

Residential Sandblasting


Many South Australian Adelaide homes can benefit from sandblasting because you have the ability to renew the use for many old products and breathe new life into them. And while this process is mostly found in the industrial sector, there’s no denying that there are multiple benefits to be had for it in the residential sector as well. It all comes down to finding a situation that involves dust or paint removal from any material, and then sandblasting will definitely be the to-go process in such a situation.

Cleaning old locks and hinges

This is maybe the best and most common use for sandblasting in a household. By sandblasting the locks and hinges for the old doors you will have the ability to use that door once again and that can definitely help you. You can type into google locksmith Adelaide and find a locksmith to come out and replacement lock or hinge, but some this can be expensive. If you are on a tight budget and don’t want to remove the door or if you are locked out of a specific room due to the old locks malfunctioning, this process can indeed pay off and it will provide you with some amazing opportunities in the long run. Remember that sandblasting old locks and hinges does require attention so it’s a good idea to get help from someone that did this before, otherwise you can damage the lock if you are not careful.

Cleaning paint of window/doors

Another common sandblasting use within a home is to clean paint. There are many situations in which paint can chip, it can be due to the old age, water accumulation and so on. You can use sandblasting for both doors and windows and it’s a process that can actually deliver an amazing value if you use it properly, it all comes down to making sure that you focus on removing paint with complete attention to detail. Remember that sandblasting can be powerful especially if you have doors made out of wood so adjust the pressure accordingly.

Cleaning fences

Fence cleaning is a major process that helps you breathe new life into your home. Thankfully, you can easily sandblast your fence in order to clean it, a much better solution instead of having to deal with manual labor. The latter option eats up a lot of time and it’s not as convenient as sandblasting, so you should definitely try to sandblast your fence and deliver it a new coat of paint, you will like the results for sure.

Removing paint from furniture

Some of us have old furniture that has maybe the worst paint out there. With sandblasting you can remove the old paint coat and deliver a much more appealing, newer one without any hassle. It’s a good idea to use a lower pressure because you will work on wood but other than that there won’t be any problem. Remember that sandblasting is very efficient so regardless of what size your furniture might be, the process won’t be longer than a few hours.

In conclusion, sandblasting does help both at home and in a variety of industries. It all comes down to making sure that you focus on high quality and professional results, do that and the outcome can be well worth it.