Mr Sandblast

What is Sandblasting?


Sandblasting is a process that is used in order to strip, shape and smooth a surface of any foreign material that was placed on it. It’s one of the best methods that help you make the most out of any surface and it manages to deliver an effect similar to using sandpaper, albeit on a much larger scale.

The finish is a lot better and there are no nooks, crannies or corners which make the production process even more interesting and professional.

How it works?

Even if there are multiple types of sandblasting, all work using the same principle. They have a unit that delivers finely ground silica at a massive pressure, which is then used to clean and abrade a surface. Usually the sandblasting process takes place on materials that have rust, chipped paint or any other surface materials that need to be removed. If you want to re-paint metal or just leave it in its original state, sandblasting is definitely one of the best choices that you can make.

The air-powered pressure gun used for this process is not only very powerful, but the sandblaster can modify the overall pressure in order to get the best results. The pressurized gun as a ceramic barrel or interior coating and this will prevent the sand from eroding as time passes.

How it can save time?

Sandblasting tends to be performed manually most of the time with abrasive equipment and aside from being a massive hassle it also takes quite a lot of time to get it done. Thankfully, with sandblasting you have the ability to take the experience to new heights and that on its own can help you obtain an amazing user experience all around. It’s simpler to use and you can cover a lot more surface with it, which is maybe the best, major benefit at the end of the day.

How it can save money?

As you can see, sandblasting is very fast and it can save you time. And since you need less time to focus on a specific product, you can do more stuff during the day. As expected this will save you quite a lot of money, not to mention the fact that you will have to hire less manpower since the sandblasting unit can cover more work!

Benefits of sandblasting to businesses

If you choose sandblasting you have the ability to better optimize your workflow and take it to new heights, but at the same time you can also make the process simpler. You have to keep in mind the fact that the more you use sandblasting the better it will be to actually simplify the production process and in the end it can help you obtain a better outcome for your business. Sandblasting is indeed a powerful process and it can bring in front an astounding ROI, all you have to do is to take the time necessary to focus on it and rest assured that the outcome will be well worth it!